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irection of their military reforms, which?? have entered a new phase of structural adjustments in order to upgrade combat effectiveness. On?? April 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Moscow will start a National Guard, dominated ??by internal security forces of the interior ministry, to conduct anti-terrorism missions. Russian a??rmed forces will undergo dramatic changes. The combat capaciM

ty of the National Guard will be enhanc??ed, playing a positive role to maintain domestic security and stability, while, its domestic securi??ty system will be reconstructed. Functions of Russian military forces power sector may also be relo??cated.Even after becoming a more independent sovereignty, Russia still continued on with the Soviet?? power structure, which included strategic rocket forces, Air Defense Forces, army, navy, and air f??orces, constituting five armed services.Moscow has transformed its power structure into three milit??ary services and three arms of services. Russian space forces have built upS


several divisions that ??would be placed into other armed services units. The Russian power structure is designated as land ??forces, navy, air forces, and strategic rocket troops, three services of airborne troops and two ar??med services.Meanwhile along the vigorous game of virtual battle space, the US has upgraded its cyb??er command to a separate unit, running parallel to the other strategic commands. Cyberspace is deem??ed the 7th war zone of the US. The US regards virtual space as a battlef0

ield, and preparing forces ??for virtual space field operations.The US may become the first country to start a virtual war. Addi??tionally, China is promoting military reforms. The Chinese army has formed a new theater of war, ar??my command and strategic support units.These adjustments adopted in many countries are designed to ??allow the military to run a new power structure, reflecting the necessity for military reform after?? the Cold War. Militaries are transforming from focusing on combat forces to boosting combat capabi??lity quality via structural changes.The military forces combat capacity will improve drV


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